Show Me Your Rainbow Plate!

Send me your pictures of beautiful, colourful, delicious food or anything else that fits in with the Rainbow Plate concept, and I’ll post them here to share.  Be creative: pics of rainbow plates, real whole food growing; you preparing food, crazy fruit or vegetables. . . it’s all good!!

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Here are two amazing rainbow ideas for kids from Cristi at Bent On Better Lunches

What a creative way to serve a rainbow using muffin tins!

Rainbow in muffin cups

Muffin tin rainbow from BentOnBetterLunches

Check out this awesome rainbow lunch below from Xander and his mom:

“Xander and I cook together every week, making breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in our little kitchen in Austin, Texas. We learn about healthy eating and tasty foods along the way. We designed this rainbow-colored bento box lunch because Xander wanted to take a bit of his favorite book, The Rainbow Bunch by Kia Robertson to school with him one day. Since then, we’ve been making a “Rainbow Bunch Lunch” almost every week! We found all the colors of the rainbows in the organic fruits and veggies we chose. You can read more about our culinary adventures at our blog, The Kid Can Cook.”


This one  is “Rainbow Pita Pizza” from Lamia and Aida:

This is my first “reader rainbow plate!”  The picture below was sent by Susanna, with the title”A Power Salad At Sierra Grill After a Power Workout” She sent the picture with the following message:

“My friends often laugh at my expression while eating.  I used to be unaware of it, but I often have a huge smile on my face when comestibles are in sight and I close my eyes and breathe out sounds of enjoyment as I chew on my food.  Mmmm, foood…  :)   ”