Imagine standing in front of a table full of real, fresh, vibrant food – an entire rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Kids touch, smell, feel, prepare, explore and play with the food. Magic happens. They forget about ‘I don’t like it’ and dive in.
— Janet Nezon (Founder, Rainbow Plate)

Meet Rainbow Plate

When did food get so complicated?

Enter Rainbow Plate. We deliver evidence-based, interactive food education programs to children, parents, educators and health practitioners.

Put simply, we help people to relax around food.

We use rainbows of real food to spark imaginations, change behaviour and cultivate lifelong healthy eating habits. 

We make healthy eating simple and fun.

Our services

Kids Workshops

Think of us like a field trip of fun, flavourful, food education brought to you. We work with kids right in the settings where they’re learning and developing: schools, child care centres, camps, health care centres and community organizations.


Janet Nezon is a highly experienced and charismatic speaker. She has a deep knowledge of both the evidence behind and the practicalities around supporting kids to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. 

Adult Workshops

We provide simple strategies; practical tips and tools to inspire and enable adults to create healthy food environments for kids in their care. We help adults to feel confident in dealing with common food and feeding issues and challenges.


Does your organization need support with food? We dig any opportunity to collaborate and share our approach with other like-minded people. Get in touch and we'll roll up our sleeves to help you figure it out.

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Check out our videos on the Rainbow Plate Youtube Channel.