Livin’ On The Veg

CSA Vegetables

Now that’s what I call a Rainbow Plate!   That gorgeous rainbow chard was cultivated by the caring and talented hands of my friend Daniel Hoffman.  He and his team grew it organically on his local farm, The Cutting Veg.

If you’ve made a commitment to make healthier choices for yourself, your family and our lovely planet, one of the easiest ways to act on that commitment is to get involved in a CSA program. Daniel’s is one of many in the Greater Toronto Area, and it happens to be the one I know best through personal experience. If you’re not familiar with it, CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” It’s a way to provide your family with fresh, locally-grown organic produce every week, while supporting a local farm and your community.

When you sign up for a CSA you’re essentially “buying a piece of the farm!” You pay the farmer at the beginning of the growing season and then get a share of the harvest every week, from May until October. You choose your share size based on the needs of your family and then pick up your lovely fresh, organic produce every week at a designated location. It’s simple, its a way to support the local economy and a sustainable food system, and most of all. . . it’s a way to guarantee you’ll be eating beautiful, delicious veggies every week!

An added bonus of being part of a CSA is the chance to connect with others who care about their health and care about our earth. Each week when you pick up your share you’ll get to chat with people who helped to grow those lovely veggies and you’ll meet other like-minded folks who are participating just like you. It’s a wonderful way to help your kids to connect with healthy food as well. I remember the first time I picked up my share from Daniel, there was a woman greeting all the members dressed up like a carrot!

There are similarities and differences among the many CSA programs available in and around Toronto, and I encourage you to pick the program that best fits your needs. One thing that stood out for me about The Cutting Veg was their commitment to giving back to the community. Each week they donate remaining food to those in the community who are in need of nutritious food. That’s healthy too!

For more information on The Cutting Veg and their CSA program click on this link or contact Daniel Hoffman at

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As Daniel always says, “keep livin’ on the veg!”

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