Rainbow Plate’s approach is inspiring and pragmatic. Janet has the ability to connect and engage people of all walks of life on one of the most pressing issues of our time, food. We at Fresh City admire what she does and how she does it.
— Ran Goel (Co-Founder, Fresh City Farms)
  • Meet people where they are at: We all have our own reality and comfort zone when it comes to food and eating, and that’s the best place to start. We're here for you, offering you a nudge or a little dose of inspiration.
  • Expose and explore, don’t preach: Repeated exposure and sensory exploration are the most effective strategies for engaging kids and changing their behaviour around food. Preaching rules and nutrition facts is boring and doesn’t work. Getting kids up close and hands-on with real food sparks interest and enthusiasm for developing their own healthy habits.
  • Step away from the microscope: We eat food, not nutrients. All the experts agree that a dietary pattern based on whole foods is the best for nourishing a healthy body. Helping kids to embrace and enjoy real food instead of processed food products is the key to a healthier future. Kids need to learn where food comes from, and how to cook and enjoy it in the company of friends and family.

  • Relax and kids will too: If adults chill out around food then kids will too. Adults are the most important influence on a child‘s eating behavior. Eating in a relaxed and positive environment allows a child’s healthy relationship with food to flourish.
  • Tell me the colours that you ate: Rainbows are simple, healthy and powerful. Adding a variety of colourful vegetables and fruit to everything you eat is the simplest way to fuel your body well and make any plate of food more appealing.
  • Food connects everything: What and how we eat is woven into every element of the world around us. For maximum impact, food education should reflect and address the health, family, community, geographic, cultural, environmental, and economic context in which we eat and live.