Every kid in every school no matter their
background, deserves to learn the basics
about food - where it comes from, how
to cook it and how it affects their bodies.
These life skills are as important as reading
and writing, but they’ve been lost over the
past few generations. We need to bring
them back and bring up our kids to be
streetwise about food.

Rainbows of real food are magic!

We recently completed a quantitative research project with Ryerson University, which measured the impact of our program on children's behaviour. The study showed a clear & statistically significant impact:  after participating in Rainbow Plate workshops, kids ate more fruits and vegetables, and were more willing to try new foods! The study has been submitted for publication - check back here for updates!

Since launching in 2012, Rainbow Plate has worked with over 14,000 kids, parents, educators and health practitioners to achieve the following feats!

  • More than 6000 lbs of red cabbage (not an easy vegetable to get kids to eat) have been marveled at and munched on.
  • We have delivered hundreds of hands-on workshops in schools, camps, child care and community organizations in the GTA.
  • After participating in a Rainbow Plate workshop, 80% of kids consistently report that they tried a new fruit or vegetable (yippee!)