Teaching children the importance of healthy foods and why their bodies need a variety of foods drives kids to voluntarily eat more vegetables.
— Psychologists Sarah Gripshover & Ellen Markman

Rainbows of real food are magic!

We work with research partners to evaluate and measure the impact of Rainbow Plate programming. 

Please check back here regularly as we'll be sharing our findings.

Over the past three years, Rainbow Plate has worked with over 7000 kids, parents, educators and health practitioners to achieve the following feats!

  • More than 3000 lbs of red cabbage (not an easy vegetable to get kids to eat) have been marveled at and munched on.
  • We have delivered over 450 hands-on workshops in the GTA.
  • After participating in a Rainbow Plate workshop, 80% of kids reported that they tried a new fruit or vegetable (yippee!)