Rainbows Come In Boxes Too!


Are you trying to eat more fresh, local organic produce?  Last week I wrote about being part of a CSA as a fabulous way to support a local farmer.  Well if that doesn’t work for you, another idea is is to sign up for weekly box of fresh, local organic food delivered right to your door!

I had a wonderful visit last week with Ran Goel, the co-founder of Fresh City Farms.  Fresh City operates as an urban organic farm. They have a plot of land and a large greenhouse at Downsview Park, and their member farmers also farm in a variety of locations around the Greater Toronto Area. Their mission is to “create and perfect new ways to connect food makers and eaters.”

In addition to growing fresh organic food right in the city, Fresh City also partners with a number of local artisans and food producers and offers their products in the weekly boxes, markets and through their online store.  I love the fact that their mission also includes education. In their weekly Vegitales they provide information and recipes to help solve the mystery of “what is that and what should I do with it?”  They also provide hands-on workshops to encourage people to get growing on their own. How healthy is that?

I was thrilled to be asked to write a short piece for Fresh City’s weekly newsletter. Of course I called it “There’s A Rainbow In Your Fresh City Box!”  I shared a bit of my philosophy about eating a rainbow, and gave my perspective on how you can use your weekly box to help you and your family really connect with healthy food.

Take a look at Fresh City and to consider getting a weekly box if you think this model will work for you. The bottom line is that we are working towards the same goal: helping you and your family to eat fabulous real food, and making our world a healthier place.  Now isn’t that a fresh idea!

If you’d like to book Janet as a speaker for an entertaining interactive workshop with your group or organization,  click here.

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