Meet Rainbow Plate:  a fresh approach to food education. Our innovative, interactive workshops enable kids of all ages to harness a happy, healthy and vibrant connection to real food.

Our goal is to engage children as young as possible, and to continue interacting with them, as they grow through different ages and stages. At every step of the way, our fun and flavourful programs will expose kids to rainbows of fresh, healthy foods and get them exploring using all of their senses. We’ll spark their imagination, expand their palates and help them to cultivate a lasting love of fabulous food.

We don’t preach nutrition.  We don’t tell them it’s good for them.  We just have fun!

Some of our most popular workshops and programs are:

Rainbow Food Explorers     For toddlers and pre-k children

Rainbow Food Adventurers  For JK to Grade 1

Rainbow Food Experts     For  Grade 1- 2

Rainbow Food Heroes     For grade 3-5

How To Be A Food Detective     For grades 4-8

How to Build a Super Snack     For grade 2-4

There’s A Rainbow In My Lunchbox!    Can be adapted to any age or grade

Peas and Harmony:  How To Raise A Healthy Eater     For parents and educators

Nutrition: Facts, Fiction and All You Really Need To Know     For high school students, adults and corporate groups



Please contact Janet Nezon at to discuss how we can work together to bring our fresh and colourful approach to healthy eating to your school, group or organization.

We are happy to work with you to develop a unique program, customized to your specific needs.