Livin’ On The Veg

Now that’s what I call a Rainbow Plate!   That gorgeous rainbow chard was cultivated by the caring and talented hands of my friend Daniel Hoffman.  He and his team grew it organically on his local farm, The Cutting Veg. If you’ve made a commitment to make healthier choices for yourself, your family and our lovely planet, one of the easiest ways to act on that commitment is to get...
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What The Heart Desires For Valentine’s Day

 Happy Valentine’s Day!  There’s no denying it.  If you listen to all the advertising and marketing, you know that you’re supposed to get that special someone a gift that’s sweet and heart-shaped to show your love.  And face it; red is definitely the colour of choice for this holiday of hearts.  While chocolate ranks right up there with top gift ideas, there is no...
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How to make vegetables and fruit taste better

Trying to eat more fruit and vegetables is on most people’s to-do list these days.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that many of you even made this one of your New Year’s Resolutions (you didn’t, did you?).  You probably don’t need me to tell you all the reasons why a diet that includes a rainbow of produce is good for you! If that’s the case then, just like...
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How to lower the risk of diabetes & heart disease in teens.

Well, how do you like that!  In a new study published in this month’s Journal of the American Dietetic Association, researchers reported finding a link between decreased risk factors for diabetes and heart disease in teens and . . . are you ready for it . . . yes . . . vegetables!! Here’s how this news made me feel:The researchers analyzed the diets of over 2000 American teens.  They...
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Do you get it?

Ali does.  She sent me this picture the other day, because she knew that I would love it, and she’s right!  Can’t you just feel the vibrant green crunch of those cucumbers?  And don’t they look so beautiful, all jumbled together, with the perfect bright accent of the hot red peppers?  She took this picture when she was helping her dad make pickles.  Those aren’t just...
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