The Power of Soup -and the only recipe you need!

  Brr! There’s a chill in the air around here, and it’s been drizzling on and off for several days. To me, that only means one thing: SOUP! Maybe you’ve started to notice a trend developing. This isn’t the first soup recipe I’ve posted in the past few weeks, and I promise, it won’t be the last!   I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge believer...
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Research Proves it – Seeing Leads to Eating!

I’ve known it all along, but I love hearing that research confirms what I’m doing! A team at the University of Iowa has just released the results of a study that looked at the impact of vivid images on food choices.  They found that kids were much more likely to serve themselves a meal including veggies after seeing a vibrant photo of a salad on display at the entrance to the...
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A Farm To Table Story

It’s finally here! That time of year when we no longer fear the threat of frost; when we can count on the sun’s warm rays and the mellow breeze to greet us when we step outside.  For me, this is a time to turn some of my energy to my little “backyard farm.”  I’ve always loved seeing things grow. Over the years I’ve moved from simple balcony herb pots to having...
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Would you eat this in the morning?

It’s a bit radical, I know. Changing up what you eat for breakfast can really rattle your world. For starters, do you even eat breakfast? I hope so. It’s definitely one of the most important things you can do for your health. As I’ve mentioned before, breakfast eaters tend to do better on pretty much any measure of overall health. They tend to have healthier weight, they tend...
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“You should eat it because . . . “

Quick, finish the sentence above! I’ll bet that most of you said “…it’s good for you!” Did you? I’m sure you heard that phrase over and over while you were growing up. There are many variations on that theme: You might have been told to eat something because: “…it will make you big and strong” “…it will give you lots of...
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