The Power of Soup -and the only recipe you need!

  Brr! There’s a chill in the air around here, and it’s been drizzling on and off for several days. To me, that only means one thing: SOUP! Maybe you’ve started to notice a trend developing. This isn’t the first soup recipe I’ve posted in the past few weeks, and I promise, it won’t be the last!   I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge believer...
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For healthier weight for the whole family, eat here!

You thought I was going to tell you about the latest new restaurant, didn’t you?  Nope.  Save your budget and sit down with your family at your very own table and you’re all much more likely to have a healthy weight status. That’s the news from a recent study conducted at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.  The researchers looked at the relationship between every day...
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Don’t Let Halloween Scare You! How To Make The Holiday A Happy One For Parents Too

Boo! It’s almost here! The holiday that kids look forward to for 364 days each year, and the one that many parents dread with the same level of anticipation.  Not only do you have to come up with costumes for your little goblins and craft a masterpiece jack-o-lantern; these days the pressure’s on to decorate your house to be the envy of the neighbourhood; to send the coolest snacks...
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Research Proves it – Seeing Leads to Eating!

I’ve known it all along, but I love hearing that research confirms what I’m doing! A team at the University of Iowa has just released the results of a study that looked at the impact of vivid images on food choices.  They found that kids were much more likely to serve themselves a meal including veggies after seeing a vibrant photo of a salad on display at the entrance to the...
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It’s not just fun and games, but lifelong health. The evidence is in!

I practically jumped out of my chair and started cheering! The article in this morning’s paper read, “Preschoolers’ eating habits affect later health”  It reported the results of a study that was just published yesterday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.  The bottom line: “The 2008-20011 study of almost 1,100 children aged three to five found those with...
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