Something From Nothing: A Lesson In Soup

Happy Monday!  Have we all recovered from Halloween?  I hope so. If you read this post, you’ll know that my preferred approach is to take a stress-free approach, and do what works for you. I’m also a believer that if we do this, our kids tend to move on from the whole thing rather quickly. I was truly honoured to have my post mentioned and linked in this blog by Bettina, who I admire...
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This Is Why I Do What I Do!

It happened.  A simple email brought a huge smile to my face and a gave me the incredible feeling that I’m on the right track with this mission that I have chosen. Last weekend I partnered with Fresh City Farms and led the first of a series of workshops introducing people to home canning.  Now transferring knowledge is wonderful and important, but the real mission of these workshops is to...
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Like magic!

      This is just a short little post, but I’m so excited that I just had to share it with you! I’ve always had a few tomato plants in my yard, and over the last few years I’ve had success with greens like kale and chard. This year, for the first time, I expanded my veggie gardening horizons. I enriched the soil with lots of compost and I carefully sowed rows of...
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Don’t be stupid! How to ace your final exams.

It’s that time of year when sunshine and warm weather beckons.  But for students, the thrill of summer vacation comes only after the hurdle of final exams has been cleared. If you’re like most, then studying usually means long hours, late nights, and a bunch of sugary junk foods and “energy” drinks to get you through the crunch. Don’t do it. – It turns out...
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Why being bossy at the table is bad for your children’s health

Admit it, you’ve done this at least once.  Your finicky toddler is dawdling through a meal or snack, and hasn’t eaten more than a bite or two of the food you’ve lovingly prepared.  You watch as he pushes it around on the plate, and all you can think about is how hungry he’s going to be by late afternoon.  The next thing you know, you’re enticing, cajoling, pleading,...
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