The Power of Soup -and the only recipe you need!

  Brr! There’s a chill in the air around here, and it’s been drizzling on and off for several days. To me, that only means one thing: SOUP! Maybe you’ve started to notice a trend developing. This isn’t the first soup recipe I’ve posted in the past few weeks, and I promise, it won’t be the last!   I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge believer...
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Something From Nothing: A Lesson In Soup

Happy Monday!  Have we all recovered from Halloween?  I hope so. If you read this post, you’ll know that my preferred approach is to take a stress-free approach, and do what works for you. I’m also a believer that if we do this, our kids tend to move on from the whole thing rather quickly. I was truly honoured to have my post mentioned and linked in this blog by Bettina, who I admire...
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A Farm To Table Story

It’s finally here! That time of year when we no longer fear the threat of frost; when we can count on the sun’s warm rays and the mellow breeze to greet us when we step outside.  For me, this is a time to turn some of my energy to my little “backyard farm.”  I’ve always loved seeing things grow. Over the years I’ve moved from simple balcony herb pots to having...
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Make Your Own

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with all the special people in your life.  We enjoyed a restful and relaxing time with the whole family – it’s always a real treat for me to have all of my kids under my roof. So here we are… January 3!  It’s minus 10 degrees outside, and it’s been snowing for almost 2 days straight.  While a few members of my...
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What do you get when you start with magic…?

More magic!! If you read my last post then you saw the beautiful veggies I magically pulled out of my garden the other day.  You also read that I planned to re-create an amazing dish I had last week at Life Alive – an incredible restaurant in Salem, Mass. Well, there it is! Now, it’s not always possible to exactly replicate a particular dish, but this is a pretty good spin on the...
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