What do you get when you start with magic…?

More magic!! If you read my last post then you saw the beautiful veggies I magically pulled out of my garden the other day.  You also read that I planned to re-create an amazing dish I had last week at Life Alive – an incredible restaurant in Salem, Mass. Well, there it is! Now, it’s not always possible to exactly replicate a particular dish, but this is a pretty good spin on the...
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Rainbows Come In Boxes Too!

  Are you trying to eat more fresh, local organic produce?  Last week I wrote about being part of a CSA as a fabulous way to support a local farmer.  Well if that doesn’t work for you, another idea is is to sign up for weekly box of fresh, local organic food delivered right to your door! I had a wonderful visit last week with Ran Goel, the co-founder of Fresh City Farms.  Fresh City...
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Livin’ On The Veg

Now that’s what I call a Rainbow Plate!   That gorgeous rainbow chard was cultivated by the caring and talented hands of my friend Daniel Hoffman.  He and his team grew it organically on his local farm, The Cutting Veg. If you’ve made a commitment to make healthier choices for yourself, your family and our lovely planet, one of the easiest ways to act on that commitment is to get...
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