For healthier weight for the whole family, eat here!

You thought I was going to tell you about the latest new restaurant, didn’t you?  Nope.  Save your budget and sit down with your family at your very own table and you’re all much more likely to have a healthy weight status. That’s the news from a recent study conducted at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.  The researchers looked at the relationship between every day...
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Is that a banana in your gym bag?

It should be! A new piece of research has confirmed what I’ve been telling people for years; that a banana is just as good as a sports drink to fuel your performance during a high intensity workout. Researchers gave subjects either a sugary sports drink or a half a banana every 15 minutes during an intense 75km cycling workout. After testing the subjects’ blood for metabolic markers...
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Don’t be stupid! How to ace your final exams.

It’s that time of year when sunshine and warm weather beckons.  But for students, the thrill of summer vacation comes only after the hurdle of final exams has been cleared. If you’re like most, then studying usually means long hours, late nights, and a bunch of sugary junk foods and “energy” drinks to get you through the crunch. Don’t do it. – It turns out...
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Where do you get your food?

  This might seem like a silly topic to write about, but it’s a question that I get asked frequently.  The question usually follows some comment along the lines of, “eating healthy is so expensive, isn’t it?” So here are my answers to both: First of all, as I’ve mentioned  before, NO! healthy eating absolutely does not have to be expensive or complicated!  I...
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Diet pop: not diet friendly at all!

Posted by Janet Nezon on July 6, 2011 Well, at long last it’s sunny and warm outside!  If you’re like me you’ve been spending as much time as you can enjoying our brief  but lovely summer. Most people know that it’s important to stay hydrated when out in the heat, so drinks are a summer staple.  Many have also caught on to the perils of drinking “liquid candy”...
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