Handling Halloween: If you could see the future, would you do things differently?

Halloween can be pretty scary for parents, and it’s not because of the ghosts and goblins. The issue of what to do with all that candycan be downright terrifying. I wrote a while back about the approach I took with my kids when they were small.  You can check the post out here: http://www.rainbowplate.com/halloween-is-scary-are-you-brave-enough-to-try-this/ I received a lot of positive comments...
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For healthier weight for the whole family, eat here!

You thought I was going to tell you about the latest new restaurant, didn’t you?  Nope.  Save your budget and sit down with your family at your very own table and you’re all much more likely to have a healthy weight status. That’s the news from a recent study conducted at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.  The researchers looked at the relationship between every day...
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Can You See Them?

Well, can you? If you look hard enough I’ll bet you can see your kids. Not the way they are today, but your kids as they will be in 5, 10 or even 15 years!  It’s hard to imagine, but trust me; it will happen before you know it.  Now take a deep breath and look again. Can you picture that sweet toddler or middle school child as a teenager, or even *gasp* all grown up as a 20-something? What do...
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How To Raise A Healthy Eater – Won’t you join me?

I’m thrilled to be speaking to parents at the Streetsville Children’s Centre next Thursday evening, March 21 The topic will be “How To Raise A Healthy Eater” Did you know that how you feed your children is just as important as what you feed them? Helping your child to become a lifelong healthy eater is an essential part of effective parenting. Children who have a relaxed...
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Wine, cheese and chat about raising healthy eaters – won’t you join us?

  I’m thrilled to be partnering with Fresh City Farms and I Deal Coffee to host this event next Tuesday evening, July 10. Why don’t you join us? Cultivating The Next Generation:  How To Raise A Healthy Eater Where: Merchants of Green Coffee, 2 Matilda Street When: Tuesday, July 10, 7-9pm What: Interactive workshop including Southbrook wine and Montforte cheese. Cost: $20 in...
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