Would you eat this in the morning?

It’s a bit radical, I know. Changing up what you eat for breakfast can really rattle your world. For starters, do you even eat breakfast? I hope so. It’s definitely one of the most important things you can do for your health. As I’ve mentioned before, breakfast eaters tend to do better on pretty much any measure of overall health. They tend to have healthier weight, they tend...
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“You should eat it because . . . “

Quick, finish the sentence above! I’ll bet that most of you said “…it’s good for you!” Did you? I’m sure you heard that phrase over and over while you were growing up. There are many variations on that theme: You might have been told to eat something because: “…it will make you big and strong” “…it will give you lots of...
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What The Heart Desires For Valentine’s Day

 Happy Valentine’s Day!  There’s no denying it.  If you listen to all the advertising and marketing, you know that you’re supposed to get that special someone a gift that’s sweet and heart-shaped to show your love.  And face it; red is definitely the colour of choice for this holiday of hearts.  While chocolate ranks right up there with top gift ideas, there is no...
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Real food for university students

What’s so special about this salad?? Well, to me it says a lot of things.  For starters, it makes me smile that I have somehow managed to raise at least one child who likes to take pictures of his meals the way I do!  More importantly, it is living proof that it is possible to eat simple, healthy, inexpensive and delicious meals when you are away at university. This picture was sent to me...
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Sunshine and Rainbows for the New Year

Happy New Year! There’s nothing like a beautiful sunny day (even if it is -5 outside) to make you feel like you can do anything.  My challenge to you is to get out and soak up some of those beaming rays, and to capture some of the energy they hold.  Even if you just sneak out at lunch for a 5 minute breath of fresh air, you’ll feel so much better! Now, skip all those pesky...
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