The Power of Soup -and the only recipe you need!

  Brr! There’s a chill in the air around here, and it’s been drizzling on and off for several days. To me, that only means one thing: SOUP! Maybe you’ve started to notice a trend developing. This isn’t the first soup recipe I’ve posted in the past few weeks, and I promise, it won’t be the last!   I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge believer...
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Something From Nothing: A Lesson In Soup

Happy Monday!  Have we all recovered from Halloween?  I hope so. If you read this post, you’ll know that my preferred approach is to take a stress-free approach, and do what works for you. I’m also a believer that if we do this, our kids tend to move on from the whole thing rather quickly. I was truly honoured to have my post mentioned and linked in this blog by Bettina, who I admire...
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What you need right now

Have you noticed it too?  In the first week of January, the “D” words are everywhere.  You can’t find a newspaper, magazine or website that isn’t preaching the gospel of “dieting” or worse, “detoxing” right now.  Sorry, folks; I’m not jumping on that bandwagon! As I’ve said before, the best approach to health is to take it one...
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Food to nourish body and soul

Boy, was it cold out yesterday!  The thermometer outside my window registered -20 in the sun, and that’s not taking into account the wind chill. Unfortunately, yesterday was also the funeral of a very dear family friend, so we attended a touching service and then ended up standing outside in that cold for quite a while at the cemetery. By the time we got home in the early evening, we were...
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