Would you say I’m a little late to the party? It’s January 3rd and I haven’t shared a New Year’s post or pronouncement of any sort. For the past few days my inbox and newsfeed have been flooded with sparkly, shiny features from all the “experts” out there. I’ve sat here, curled up in my sweatpants, reading about all the resolutions, goals and changes that everyone else is suggesting or making for the New Year. There are lists galore of the foods I need to eat or avoid in 2016. The recipes I need to cook. The changes I need to make to be healthier—and the 15 things I need to do to get my house and my life organized. Honestly, just reading it all has made me tired.

As I wrote about earlier, I’ve had the most wonderful two weeks off. I’ve embraced the slower pace and much-needed break from all the hustle and busyness of the rest of the year. I can’t believe the difference it’s made.  I’ve been sleeping like a log, laughing tons, enjoying memorable moments with the people I love. I have even been inspired to quietly tackle a few of the cluttered corners in my home. I’ve taken some time to mess around in the kitchen too, and I’ve thrown together some delicious, casual meals and dishes from the simple ingredients I’ve had on hand. We’ve savoured them together; sitting leisurely around our family table. As I sit here now reflecting, I’d say that I truly feel happy and healthy.

So my big plan for the New Year is simple. I want to hang on to this feeling.

Instead of goals or resolutions, I’m picking one word to focus on for the year ahead: RELAX

For me, this means checking in on my schedule and commitments and simply saying no when I start to feel the tension rise. Relaxing means being clear about what really matters most. It means focusing on the big picture, and keeping everything in perspective. It means making a conscious effort to fit in all the elements that truly balance my life: family, friends, work, fun, food, exercise and sleep. It means stopping and breathing often; to make sure I’m checking in with myself.

Of course, relaxing around food is a big piece of the picture, and this has always been one of my mantras. So I’m also making a commitment to have this message sing out loud and clear in all that I do this year.  I’m going to share as many practical tips, ideas and tools as I can; to help you relax around food too. I hope you’ll join along with me, and chime in with your own comments and ideas. I’m all ears.

With all my warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and relaxed New Year,