Grapes on the deck.JPG

Today I made jam from some late summer concord grapes I had on hand. I cooked them slowly until they burst from their bluey purple skins, then simmered them down until they became a thick, sweet and tangy grapey heaven.  I sealed that jam into two precious jars and put them on my shelf. I’ll open one when I want to remember how today feels.   

Is it possible to bottle this lovely last day of summer? Can you preserve this easy, relaxed pace? The soft breeze and the chirping of crickets. The smell of the garden and the sound of children with nothing to do but play.  Can you take this sweet feeling of peace, and time and space and seal it into a jar, to open and dip into when you need a reminder later this year? 

I hope so.

Sending you and your family my warmest wishes for a peaceful, happy and healthy new school year.


Grape jam.JPG