** As of January 2019 we have shifted away from delivering workshops to children and are focusing on inspiring and supporting educators, caregivers and health professionals through promoting the Rainbow Food Explorers Toolkit and delivering Educator workshops. **

Our goal is to engage children as young as possible, and to continue interacting with them as they grow through different ages and stages. At every step of the way, our fun and flavourful programs will expose kids to rainbows of fresh, healthy foods and get them exploring using all of their senses. We’ll spark their imagination, expand their palates and help them to cultivate a lasting love of fabulous food.

We bring our field-trip like workshops to child care centres, schools, camps, health care and community organizations.

Rainbow Plate programs include:

  • Age appropriate presentation and learning activities

  • Individual child-directed exploration and learning

  • Accommodation for allergies and dietary restrictions

  • Links to Ontario Curriculum expectations


Rainbow Food Explorers (45 mins)

The toddler years are the perfect time to begin the Rainbow Plate journey. Children learn how to become Rainbow Food Explorers by using all their senses to see, smell, touch and taste a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from our beautiful rainbow. Songs and rhymes help set the stage and create a playful and fun environment in which kids are inspired to explore and try new foods.


Rainbow Food Explorers (60 mins)

Caught between toddler-dom and school age, these kids are wonderful to work with. Research also confirms that this is a key age to reach for maximum impact. We use stories, songs and rhymes to inspire kids to become Rainbow Food Explorers as they explore and taste a whole rainbow of real fruits and vegetables. Children create their own keepsake Rainbow Plate to record their adventures and remind them to “tell me the colours that you ate!” long after the workshop is over. Kids generate ideas for how they can share what they have learned with their parents and families, to reinforce and apply the workshop concepts at home.

Kindergarten - Grade 2

Rainbow Food Heroes (90 mins)

We all want to be heroes, right?! A Rainbow Food Hero becomes an ambassador for our approach by learning how to use all their senses to explore a vibrant rainbow of real fruits and vegetables, and to discover the amazing properties of fabulous foods. In addition, a Rainbow Food Hero helps us to spread the word, and learns how to inspire others to eat rainbows every day. Children create a keepsake Rainbow Plate and brainstorm how they can use what they’ve learned to continue eating rainbows of fruits and veggies every day.   

Elementary/Junior - Grade 3-8

Rainbow Food Heroes (90 mins)

These older Rainbow Food Heroes get more back story on our approach than the younger age groups. They learn some of the science that provides the power behind each colour of the food rainbow, and also how eating every colour helps to build a healthy body. Kids complete their own Rainbow Food Hero Passport as they get hands-on with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. We always like to bring along some unfamiliar and unusual foods to keep things interesting! We encourage kids to dive into the world of descriptive language to record their sensory experiences. Our Food Heroes brainstorm and generate strategies for inspiring their friends and family members to eat rainbows too.

Rainbow Food Detectives (90 mins)

In this workshop food literacy meets media literacy. Students learn why they need to be Food Detectives in today’s world. They’ll see first-hand how the food industry targets them in advertising, and how messages on food packages can be misleading. They’ll learn how to read food labels and to independently draw conclusions about what’s really in their food.  Of course we’ll bring a vibrant rainbow snack to create and eat together, and we’ll talk about how all different types of foods can fit into a healthy pattern of eating. 

There’s A Rainbow In My Lunchbox (90 mins)

This workshop takes the rainbow theme and our proven strategy of fun, sensory exploration and gives it a different twist. As kids explore and sample their way through a rainbow, the focus is on how to incorporate more of these colourful fresh foods into daily lunches for school or camp. We encourage kids to get actively involved in packing their own lunches (now who doesn’t want that?) and to “pack a rainbow” every day.

Rainbow Super Snacks (90 mins)

Kids learn why snacking is an important part of an overall healthy eating pattern. They’ll understand the difference between “super” snacks that power their body with lasting energy and positive nutrients, and other types of snack foods that are low in nutrients, but high in sugar and salt.  We’ll have fun as we explore the marketing and media messages associated with popular packaged snack foods, and learn how to build a delicious “super snack” that starts with the rainbow and provides lasting fuel for busy bodies.



Rainbow Plate Chef Challenge (90 mins)

Kids put their rainbow skills into action as they square off in this colourful competition. It all begins with an energetic presentation that explores basic kitchen skills and an engaging introduction to the Rainbow Plate approach. The gloves come off when kids work in teams to collaborate on creative food masterpieces from a selection of fresh and colourful produce. Don't worry; the only casualties here will be the vegetables! Options include: Rainbow Wrap Challenge, Rainbow Salad Challenge.


Camp is a place for adventure, fun and trying new things. Right? Like swimming, art, dance, sports and…zucchini?!

What if your camp was also a place where kids could harness a healthy, happy and vibrant connection with real food?

Rainbow Plate can work with you to make this happen!

Rainbow Plate programs are flexible and work well in many different types of camp settings.

Options include:

  • Regular Rainbow Plate workshops designed to work within your specialty program (eg. Cooking Camp)

  • Targeted programming to reach all campers within a specific age grouping

  • Camp-wide Rainbow Plate experience

  • Staff Training - We’ll rally behind your staff to give them tips and tools for how to best handle all situations at camp involving kids and food.

Contact us to set up a meeting to design the perfect program to fit your unique camp environment.





At Rainbow Plate we like to take a step back, and see how our energy and behaviour around food is impacting the kids that we care for. We often get so caught up in the urgency and challenges of “today” that we forget to step back and view things through the lens of this wider perspective–the long game. The hurly-burly of daily life, and the struggle to get everyone fed, can lead us to focus so much on the little details that we can lose sight of the bigger picture. Rainbow Plate is committed to providing practical and inspiring tips and tools that provide the examples for how adults can foster healthy food environments for kids in their care. Our aim is to lead by example, support whenever necessary and demonstrate how small changes can make a big impact.



Our informal, interactive workshops cut through the jargon, fads and trends. We serve up simple, positive messages, real-life stories and a generous dollop of humour to help parents relax and connect around the often-challenging task of feeding their kids. We provide them with simple strategies; practical tips, tools and a relaxed approach that’s key in making mealtimes happier and healthier for everyone.

  • Peas and Harmony: How To Raise A Healthy Eater

  • Peas and Harmony, Part Two: Making Healthy Food Appealing, Available and Fun for Your Family

  • There’s A Rainbow In My Lunchbox

Educators and Health Professionals

School, child care, health care and community settings provide rich opportunities for positively influencing and impacting a child’s evolving relationship with food. We offer workshops tailored to educators, health care and community practitioners, to help them create the most positive food environment for the children in their care.

We’ll work with you to deliver the most engaging and valuable experience and support you in weaving joyful food education throughout your work with young children.

  • The Rainbow Plate Approach: Inspiring Lifelong Healthy Eating Through Sensory-Based Food Experiences in The Early Years

  • Secrets to Serving up Happy, Healthy Meals and Snacks In Group Settings

  • How To Nourish A Healthy Eater: The Power of Positive Interaction


In recent years, Janet has been a speaker at private events, food conferences, school assemblies and more. She translates her passion for sharing how food can be so much more than just nourishment into motivational and engaging appearances with the immediate take-aways every audience craves.

Janet Nezon is a former academic Nutrition lecturer and Health Promotion expert. She holds a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto as a Specialist in Nutritional Science, and a Master of Health Science degree in Health Promotion, from U of T’s Faculty of Medicine. She shares her wisdom and experiences in an unforgettable lighthearted and candid approach that helps audiences of all ages and backgrounds feel inspired.

She’s an experienced speaker in both small workshop-type settings, conference break-out sessions, and large (150+) audiences. She’s not afraid to take center stage and share her vibrant enthusiasm with hundreds of children, parents and educators and health professionals.

Janet Nezon speaking to Maurice Cody E.S, March 2015

Janet Nezon speaking to Maurice Cody E.S, March 2015


  • Rainbow Plate Elementary School Assembly

Do you want to engage your entire school in a colourful, dynamic presentation on the Rainbow Plate approach? We offer sensational, interactive school assembly presentations that will inspire both your student and staff populations to embrace rainbows of real food every day.

  • Leading The Way By Inspiring A Healthier Future – Educators

Explore how you can set your school apart and meet the needs of your parent community by making food education a priority. In this informal, interactive workshop you’ll learn the secrets to fostering a happy, healthy food environment for your schools and communities. You’ll develop practical strategies for putting kids’ health at the forefront and empowering your students to create their own healthy future.

  • Speaking to University Students

Janet Nezon is an expert at engaging people of all ages around food. Are you looking for a guest speaker to light up your student body with ideas for making real food engagement happen at University? Look no further. 


We aren’t a “one recipe fits all” kind of company. Just like every person, every project has a unique shape and character. Our role is to help you figure out what ingredients you need to bring food engagement to your organization.

Here are some examples of how we’ve worked with clients:

·      Working with a hospital to design interactive food education workshops for kids in their care

·      Consulting with schools to build custom food engagement strategies for their staff, student and parent communities

·      Developing and delivering custom training for dietitians to execute our Rainbow Plate approach as a method for obesity prevention


We’d love to tell you more about our Rainbow Food Explorers Educator Toolkit, so you can bring the Rainbow Plate sensory-based approach to food education to life wherever you’re interacting with children!

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