We don’t preach nutrition. We just have fun.
A Fresh Approach To Food Education
Innovative, hands-on workshops for kids ages two to teens, parents and educators. Links to Ontario curriculum.

Meet Rainbow Plate: an interactive approach to food education that’s jammed with personality. 

Our mission is to support children and adults to harness a happy, healthy and vibrant connection with real food.

The core of our business is to craft and share thoughtful, innovative resources around food and nutrition. We’ve woven our  action-packed, flavour enhanced approach into workshops, seminars and resources to encourage kids, teachers, parents and caregivers to create their own healthy eating environments.  Our goal is to help transform kids into lifelong competent, thoughtful eaters.

We have worked with thousands of kids and adults in schools, camps, child care centers and corporate settings across the GTA. You can see some of our current and past clients below.

Our approach is to focus less on nutrition lessons and more on inspiring people to simply embrace real food.  Using an evidence-based approach, we get kids excited about eating rainbows of fruits and vegetables, and we make it easy for adults to raise children who are lifelong healthy eaters. Our colourful programs, products and services are creating a healthier future!

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Follow along with me for valuable tips, news and information that will make healthy eating simple for you and your family. I’ll share nutrition news, simple ideas and recipes for you to try. There will even be stories about some of my “rainbow plate” adventures. I love hearing from my readers, so be sure to leave me a comment!

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For Corporate Groups

Here’s what corporate clients are saying about Janet:

BIC was thrilled to have Janet Nezon, owner and founder of Rainbow Plate, as one of our guests at our recent Wellness Week. Janet is very passionate, knowledgeable and has a love for food, which came out during her nutrition talk “Fact, Fiction and All You Really Need to Know about Healthy Eating.” She had a natural ease with participants, which really engaged our employees.

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